Our divorce just didn't work out.

In 2005 we had every reason in the world to believe our marriage was over. My husband, Scott, was living with another woman, and I could see no indication that he would ever turn his heart back to our marriage and family. Everyone had advice to offer me: “Kick him to the curb” … “Move on” … “You deserve better.” 

But God also placed two strong women in my life to encourage me with the truth: I should love and respect my husband unconditionally, honoring the covenant I made with God. They told me, “As long as you’re breathing, there is hope.”

In September of 2005, on the day of our 14th wedding anniversary, we divorced. Three days later, Christ invaded Scott's heart, and we remarried each other after a period of reconciliation. Today we like to tell people, "Our divorce just didn’t work out!"

Yet the truth is that we decided to intentionally walk with God and each other. And it worked.

We find ourselves asking, If no one tells couples, how will they know that as long as they are breathing, there is hope for their marriage?

As Philip responded to the Holy Spirit in Acts 8:29, we are excited and passionate to share God’s truth, hope, and vision for marriage with anyone who will listen. We have tasted the fruit of a redeemed marriage and know how good it is! How could we keep this to ourselves? 

FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember® marriage getaway has been a pivotal, foundational experience for us. That’s where we first learned God’s blueprints for marriage after our divorce in 2005, and we continue to go annually as a tune-up. We have since taken over 200 couples with us.

When FamilyLife released The Art of Marriage®, we saw this was the tool we were praying for to exponentially increase our ability to reach couples. A DVD-driven experience, it brings together incredible marriage experts, inviting couples into God’s blueprints for marriage, putting practical tools in their hands to tear down walls of isolation and begin building their marriage on the Rock. Since 2011, we have facilitated 45 events...read more about the life change here. In 2015, FamilyLife launched The Art of Marriage Live, combining the best of the DVD experience with live teaching from FamilyLife certified couples. Scott and Sherry were asked to join that speaker team- read more here!

Ordained pastors through the Fellowship Network and Acts2Network, Scott & Sherry are ACBC trained biblical mentors. Having served at their local church, The Bridge, helping couples see their situations through God's Word for eight years, they are in the process of raising support as full time missionaries with Zoweh

As long as you are breathing, there is hope for redemption in marriage … if we don’t tell them, who will?

Scott & Sherry have one son, Steven, who is a planning assistant at DRMP in Cary. When Scott & Sherry aren't on mission for the hearts of men and women, they enjoy unplugging either in their backyard oasis or at the beach...as they dream about selling almost everything and downsizing into a tiny house.

Scott & Sherry are grateful to their parents, who chose to hand them a legacy of commitment and steadfastness in marriage. If only they'd followed their example- but God!

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