"...all because 4 people made the choice to fall back in love."

This was one comment from a guest at Intentionally & Wonderfully Made 2013 resonates in my heart and head. I shared our story briefly from the stage, and Beverly shared her story...which is essentially the story of how Scott & Sherry and Rick & Beverly met (aka, the day the devil regrets messing with the four of us and our marriages).

The weight of that comment is legacy. Through our "testimony gathering time", God impressed upon me the significance and value of my marriage to our family legacy. I didn't want to hand our son a legacy of divorce. I wanted him to have and pass to his children, and to theirs the legacy of marriage 'til death do us part. Scott and I are grateful for God's redemption in our lives and marriage, giving us a legacy of redemption and marriage to pass on in our family.

One comment amidst 1,000 opened our eyes to another legacy. It started with my decision to love Scott NO MATTER WHAT, to trust God and His promises more than what I could see with my natural eyes. As I walked out (imperfectly, at best) my growing Christlike character, Scott came to the end of himself and turned to Jesus Christ. Scott then chose to love me, despite his love for the other woman and his fears that I hadn't changed; his faith won over fear. We moved to NC where we met Rick and Beverly,  God pierced her heart with the encouragement we shared, and she responded by turning back to Rick. They chose to believe God could do all the things He says He'll do in His Word...and in the midst of their marriage, He has done exceedingly more than they ever prayed or dreamed He would do.

10,000 things had to happen for Intentionally Yours to exist...and God arranged each divine moment.

From bringing Scott and Sherry to Himself and back to each other ofter divorce, leading them to share the story of what God had done in their lives, to meeting Rick and Beverly when they were at a crossroads in their marriage. Together, Scott, Sherry, Rick, and Beverly formed Intentionally Yours, to share with every husband and wife that as long as you are breathing, there is hope. Will you be part of building Intentionally Yours? 

Donations to Intentionally Yours empower Scott & Sherry and Rick & Beverly to continue their influential ministry of speaking, writing, and mentoring. 

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