Fill My Rolo-SEX!

Do you remember the Rolodex? For those of you who are under 35, it was little round desk accessory that had hundreds of cards in it. The cards held information from business associates and contacts. When you wanted to call someone, you spun through the alphabetized names, picked up the phone (which was attached to the wall/desk by a cord!) and called. We've already established through numerous previous posts that men and women think differently, and even if we hadn't, it's no mystery that we see the world through very different lenses. One writer says that men see the world through blue tinted glasses and women through pink. So just keep that in mind as you continue to read.

Men have a "Rolodex" of images in our minds- a catalog of images we can look up and recall at will. It's how we're wired, it's how we work, it's how we were designed by God. Many of you ladies might think "See! I knew it! He's a pervert!" But that's simply not true. God has wired us that way so that we can recall why we need to go home to our wives. Otherwise, we'd leave the house, go to our jobs and forget to go home!

From a very early age, we are exposed to a barrage of sexually charged images which burn themselves onto the cards in our Rolodex. Everywhere we turn in society, there is more and more sex and skin displayed. The battle to remain pure in our thought life is a battle every man fights on some level. If they tell you otherwise, they're in a battle about being truthful!

Adding the inevitable exposure to pornography only throws fuel on the fire. Those images burn themselves into our memory; staying there unless they are replaced by another image, then another. This is one reason the use of pornography escalates. The illicit fire that was ignited in us constantly needs new fuel, new images to replace the old.

This is a perfect example of how Satan perverts what God has designed. Satan is incapable of creating anything of his own; he can only take what God has created and twist it to accomplish his demented plans. Satan knows that if he can fill the Rolodex of a man's mind with images of unrealistic women engaging in unrealistic acts, the unrealistic images and acts will imprint themselves in the Rolodex of the man's mind. He'll then bring those unrealistic expectations home to his wife.

God canredeem us and our Rolodexes, but wives, your husbands need your help! They need you to be willing to fill their Rolodexes. The more you are willing to be naked in front of your husband, the more you believe your husband when he tells you you're beautiful and let him see you, the more the illicit images are replaced with images of you!

Wives: Now that you understand that your husband had a readily available Rolodex of sexual images in his mind which he can access at will throughout his day, don't you want that Rolodex to be filled with images of you?

Fill his Rolodex ladies! Get creative! As men, we know that the airbrushed, almost skeletal women who are plastered on billboards and in the media are not reality. We know that your bodies have changed in the name of bearing us children. Your husband is thankful for that sacrifice, and he still wants to see you naked and unashamed!

Husbands: if you've got an issue with lust and porn, get help! You're not just damaging yourself, you're hurting your wife in ways you don't understand. Sign up for software to protect yourself, "bounce" your eyes from the images you see everywhere. Get a man in the foxhole with you to help you fight this battle. Ask your wife to help you remain accountable. Be transparent with her about your struggles. Check out this free software to help you. Tell her she's beautiful. Thank her for the sacrifice she's made to give you children. Be intentional about only filling your Rolodex with images of your wife!

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